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My name is Joseph Hughes. I am a copywriter and marketing communication consultant.

I work with advertising and design agencies, brand consultancies, and directly with a wide range of other businesses, from beauty companies to builders. They hire me to help them make their brands (and their clients' brands) communicate more effectively.

The focus of my work is to combine creativity and strategy to help your brand make an emotional and economic impact.

I have over 20 years experience of working with a range of international advertising agencies and small consultancies, and have won a number of industry awards. I now work with a network of accomplished communication specialists that enables me to put together the right team for any kind of project and budget.

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Nothing fuels a car like belief. A faith in that all that has gone before will make you better. Faster. Truer. And a total conviction that you have everything you need running through your veins.

From the moment you are born The Race is on. There, deep within our make-up, tattooed on our souls, is the knowledge that the ultimate prize is always there, waiting to be claimed by the strongest, the smartest, the fastest. Competing is compulsory. There is no alternative but to win.

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When you close your eyes and imagine your perfect home… the giant, semi-underground eco-dwelling in the heart of the countryside… the contemporary mansion overlooking extensive grounds… the ultra modern city space…

Whatever you picture, Diagonal can help you – through our unique and simple approach to the designing, creating, building and maintaining of your bespoke residential property.

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